Activities of Assam College Librarians' Association (ACLA)

General Body Meeting: The first ever Annual General Body Meeting was held at Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, Bongaigaon on 24th December, 2009 with a day-long program. About 50 college librarians took part in the meeting. The program started with the flag hoisting ceremony followed by an Academic Session on the topic “The importance of Hybrid Library in the present knowledge based society” by Prof. Alaka Buragohain, former President of ACLA. Dr. Mrigen Das presided over the morning session. Prof. Alaka Buragohain and Prof. Narendra Lahkar were felicitated by the College fraternity. Prof. Narendra Lahkar, President, ACLA and HoD Library and Information Science, G.U. also delivered his valuable speech on the topic “Library in the context of IT Environment”. An interactive session followed after the talk. The General Secretary of the Association read out a brief account about activities of the Association for the period. Chairman of the Organising Committee and Principal, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, Dr. Mrigen Das and the Librarian of the college Mr. B. K. Sarma welcomes all the delegates and spoke on the crucial role played by the library in imparting higher education. The Secretary Mr. Basanta Kumar Sarma delivered the vote of thanks. The evening session of ACLA started at 1.30 P.M. In this session, discussion was held on various matters related to Library by the delegates. The Meet concluded at 4 P.M with vote of thanks by Mr. B.K. Sarma.

Executive Committee Meeting: The Second Executive Committee Meeting of ACLA held at Hem Baruah Granthagar, B. Barooah College, Guwahati at 3 pm on June 9, 2007 under the Chairpersonship of Prof. Alaka Buragohain. The agenda of the meeting were as follows:
a) Filling up 16 approved vacant posts of college librarian
b) Incremental benefits for Ph.D degree holder college librarians
c) Selection Grade Interview
d) Memorandum to Govt. of Assam regarding corrections in the draft rule
e) Publication of Bulletin and Web site of the Association
f) Generation of fund of the Association
g) Publication of a festschrift volume in honour of Prof. Alaka Buragohain
h) Any other matter with due permission from the Chairperson.
The third Executive Committee Meeting of ACLA was held on Wednesday, the 30th April 2008 at 2 PM in Gauhati Commerce College, Chandmari, Guwahati under the Chairpersonship of Prof. (Mrs.) Alaka Buragohain, the President of ACLA. Around 30 members including Prof. N. Lahkar, Head, DLISc, Gauhati University and Srimati Mridula Sahariah, Advisor of ACLA were present in the meeting to discuss the following issues:
a) Minutes of the previous Executive Committee Meeting.
b) Publication of Festschrift Volume & ACLA Bulletin
c) Annual Membership Subscription.
d) Senior Scale and Selection Grade advertisement.
e) Review of SOUL training programme at INFLIBNET Centre.
f) Forthcoming biennial conference at MNC Balika Mahavidyalaya, Nalbari.
g) Statement of Collection & Expenditure.
h) Any other matter with due permission of the Chairperson.
On 28th August, 2009 the Executive Committee meets at Gauhati Commerce College to discuss various issues that have to be placed before the Hon’ble Higher Education Minister of Assam. Delegates of eight-members lead by the President, Prof. Narendra Lahkar took part in the discussion with the Minister and the Officers of the Higher Education Department. The following Demands were placed from the Association.
a) Academic Status to College Librarians of Assam.
b) College Librarians as a member to the Governing Body of the College.
c) Advance increment to the College Librarians having Ph.D. degree.
d) Modification of present library staff pattern and filling up of vacant post of College Librarians, etc.

Workshops: A UGC sponsored two-day long workshop on “College Library Automation: Challenges Ahead” was held at Kaliabor College, Kuwarital, Nagaon in collaboration with the Assam College Librarians Association from 16-02-2010 to 17-02-2010. Thirty seven College Librarians and a School Librarian took part in the workshop. Discussion on the problems of college library automation and SOUL Training was held. The inaugural session was presided over by Dr. H Chaliha and Key note addressed by Prof. Alaka Buragohain. Prof. N. Lahkar, Dr. Sanjay Kr. Singh and Dr. Hemanta Barman were some of the Resource persons of the workshop. Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Tezpur University and Prof. Narendra Nath Sarma were also present in the valedictory session.

Training Programme: A special computer training programme on Installation and Operations of SOUL 2.0 for the College Librarians of Assam was held at K.C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati from 19th to 23rd July, 2010. This one week Programme was organised by the UGC-INFLIBNET Center, Ahmedabad in collaboration with K. C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati. This special training programme was inaugurated by Prof. Alaka Buragohain, an eminent Library professional of the region. In the inaugural meeting, the podium was glittered by the eminent scholars like Dr. Jagdish Arora, Director, INFLIBNET Centre, Sri S. C. Roy, Dy. Secretary, UGC (NERO), Guwahati, Prof. Alaka Buragohain, Retired HoD, DLISc, Gauhati University & Former President Assam College Librarians’ Association, Prof. Narendra Lahkar, President, Assam College Librarians’ Association & Former HoD, DLISc, GU, Prof. Rajani Kanta Barman, HoD, DLISc, Guahati University, Sri H. G. Hosamani, Scientist-B, INFLIBNET Center and SOUL National Coordinator and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Regional SOUL Coordinator for NE Region & Reader, DLISc, GU. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Swabera Islam, Principal (i/c), K. C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati. In this training programme, Sri H. G. Hosamani, Mansur Imran, Jitendra Kumar, and Nityananda Pathak participated as the Resource Person and 30 Librarians from different parts of Assam and NE India has participated in this one week long training programme and they were given SOUL 2.0 library automation software package.
The 2nd Training programme on installation and operations of SOUL 2.0 for the College Librarians of North East India was held at K.C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati from 15th to 19th November, 2010. This one week Programme was organised by the UGC-INFLIBNET Center, Ahmedabad in collaboration with K. C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Hitesh Deka, Principal of K. C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati, where 20 Librarians from different parts of Assam and NE India took part and SOUL 2.0 software along with manual were distributed to all the participants. In this training programme, Sri H. G. Hosamani, Sri Mayur Goyal and Sri Nityananda Pathak, all from INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad; Sri Anupam Sarma and Sri Jamini Saikia, Technical Assistants of SOUL Regional Service Centre, Guwahati acted as the Resource Persons.

Revision of the Constitution: The Executive Committee discussed the necessity of revision of the ACLA Constitution on 7th March, 2009. As per the discussion in the meeting of executive committee a comparative constitution was compiled by Mr. Bani Kanta Bhatta and General Secretary of the Association which has to be placed before the General body at the time of Conference of the Association.

Salary of the Library Staff: A sitting of Joint Forum of Assam College Employees Association was held in ACTA House on 26th March, 2009 to discuss the Non release of DA by the govt. of Assam. A joint memorandum was submitted to Government for immediate release of all other arrears in which General Secretary signed on behalf of the Association.
Joint sitting of ACTA, ACPC, ACLA and ACEU was held on 2nd April, 2009 to discuss non-released matter of DA and hold a Joint Press Conference of the Assam College Employees Forum at Guwahati Press Club on 8th April, 2009. In the joint forum the President made his statement before press on behalf of the Association and the General Secretary signed in the press release on behalf of the Association. Vice-President, General Secretary and some executive members were also present in the press conference. The joint forum demanded the opening of G.P.F. Account, release of UGC and other arrears and issue of permanent retention to the provincialised Colleges.

Assisting Screening Process: The ACLA provides all possible helps to the members of the Association for the screening process for Senior and Selection Grade Pay to the desired librarians. In the screening process, 44 College librarians were placed in Selection Grade and 11 College librarians were placed in Senior Scale of pay.

Memorandum: On 23rd September 2009 a memorandum was submitted to Addl. Chief Secretary (HE) and DHE, Govt. of Assam with justification on the following points that were discussed with the Minister, Higher Education.
a) Academic status of college librarians as non vacational academic staff.
b) College librarians as a member of the college governing Body.
c) Enhancement of library staff.
On 21st October, 2010 a proposal was submitted to the Honourable Additional Chief Secretary (H.E.) for enhancement of age of superannuation of college librarian from 60 years to 62 years as per the recent UGC Recommendations. A proposal for special casual leave is also submitted to the Hon’ble DHE, Assam on account of the forthcoming conference of ACLA.
On 6th November, 2010 another proposal was submitted to the Additional Chief Secretary (H.E.) for inclusion of college librarians to the anomaly screening committee.
On 16th November, 2010 a team of 5 members including Mr. Biren Sarma, Mr. Utpal Sarma and Sudhin Dutta lead by Sjta. Mridula Saharia and President, ACLA express the demand of ACLA before Hon’ble Minister of Higher Education, Assam. The submitted memorandum contains the following points.
a) Enhance the age of superannuation of college librarians as per UGC Recommendations
b) Academic Status of the college librarians
c) Enhancement of library staff members and filling of vacant posts, etc.
The discussion was ended successfully and resolved to be placed before the Govt. of Assam.

Support ACTA: On 25th April, 2008, few executive members of Assam College Librarians Association (ACLA) viz, Dr. Dhrubajit Das, General Secretary; Shri Utpal Sarma, Asstt. General Secretary; Dr. Mukut Sarmah, Publicity Secretary; Shri Sudhin Dutta, Auditor; Shri Birendra Nath Sarma, Working President; Shri Bani bhatta have attended the Assam College Teachers’’ Association (ACTA) Conference held at Nalbari College.
As per the request of ACTA, in a joint meeting held in ACTA House, members of ACLA took active part in agitational program announced by ACTA for implementation of revised UGC pay scale, 2006 and all other legitimate demands.

Publications: The Executive Meeting of the Association held on June 09, 2007 in B.Barooah College, Guwahati decided to publish a Festschrift Volume in honour of Prof. Alaka Buragohain for her manifold contributions made towards the development of college library services in Assam. Accordingly a priced publication “Changing Library Scenario in Digital Era” was released that include a collection of papers contributed by renowned authors in LIS profession from different parts of the country. The ACLA also received the ISBN and ISSN for its publication in various levels.

Launching of the Website: The website of ACLA include a Digital Library and Blogger Blog with RSS Feed and Email subscription option for news. Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are also integrated into the website. Application for Membership and Membership Data Updation forms are made online. To improve interaction among ACLA members Alphabetical List of Members, District-Wise List of Members and Members Data in VCF format are provided. The VCF data can be downloaded and import by the members in the mobile phone contacts. The Email of ACLA is hosted in such a way that if anyone sends an Email to, the Email contents are delivered automatically to all the key officials of the ACLA.

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Message from President

Assam College Librarians’ Association (ACLA) is actively engaged for the collective interest of the librarians in particular and of the entire educational scenario of the State of Assam in general. Ever since its inception ACLA has been doing its utmost for the all round development of the Library professionals in terms of quality services to the readers. Above all, ACLA has been adopting a holistic approach towards improving the reading habit in the students. We look forward to fulfilling all the sincere endeavours of ACLA towards creating a citizenry endowed with knowledge and wisdom from a great library and a good reading habit. Let us work unitedly towards this goal.
Srimonta Madhab Bora

Message from General Secretary

Dear Readers, Greetings from ACLA. ACLA is committed to the College Librarians of Assam but at the same time also recognize the need and expectation of the user community. A library is a place where effective, meaningful and joyful learning take place and we are committed to improve this environment.
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Deka
General Secretary

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